We 2017 – A Wave Is Coming


2017 Was a year of growth for the co-founders of AWIC (AWAVEISCOMING). We both had major goals that we were working towards, realizing that with a dream and hard work the visions we had of ourselves in the future, would soon come. An organic conversation in the garage of my home at 5187 Pin Oak Dr took place. Topics were our goals and how we could help each other reach them, family and leaving a legacy for them, pushing one another to become their best self, and how surrounding ourselves around the right people would benefit us. This conversation was special and we both felt it. "A Wave Is Coming!" I mentioned and my co founder knew exactly where I was coming from. Waves are a force of nature that are strong and powerful and unstoppable. They don't stop, they keep coming no matter what. Unknowing to us, we created a brand that night that represents an unstoppable, determined, relentless force that's going to impact the world. Our aim that night was to motivate each other to be the wave! We want to bring that energy to the world! Whenever you see someone wearing AWAVEISCOMING, through fashion they represent a lifestyle that is displayed by design and creativity.


  • Love these shirts. Great material plenty of stretch as well. Love the design and looking forward to purchasing more and continued support🤞🏽.

    Ash Dash
  • I LOVE this brand!! I especially love what is represents. I really feel like a wave is coming when I’m in my AWIC shirt. And it’s a 1 of 1 design that I’m honored to rock!! Big shout out!!

  • After seeing the vision to warring the shirt I purchased I was immediately satisfied. Definitely won’t be the last purchase I make.

    Adrian Reedus
  • Big ups to this Brand! I was highly satisfied with my purchase. From the material, creativity, to the way it fits 10/10. Looking forward to what’s in store for future!

    Neal Brown

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