We What Does A Wave Is Coming Mean To You?

What Does A Wave Is Coming Mean To You?

What does AWIC mean to you?

On June 26th 2021 our team celebrated the launch of our new company with close friends, family and new friends. We wanted to host an event to celebrate a Wave (AWIC) coming, while giving our community an inside look at the the culture of our brand. The turn out was overwhelming and filled our team with gratitude. For those who came out, we would like to say thank you for your early support.

When we came up with the name for our company, we looked forward to getting the chance to get feedback from our community on their personal thoughts on what it means specifically to them. The perfect opportunity presented itself at our launch party. We were intrigued to get their thoughts. Here are a few of the responses.




Blessings on blessings s- Sean


An undeniable fate that can’t be stopped - Adrian


The beginning of your greatness waiting to be unleashed. A moment in time right before something incredible - Cesar Paz


Gots to see it thru my boy - Fooly Cooly_


When you chase your dreams and you get it. Your wave came - Articia


An inevitable experience/Event that you can prepare for or be washed away - Unknown


A significantly unsettling and disruptive shift in the current state of being - Unknown


Beat the odds - Unknown


Its the time of creators! Anything is possible - Liz


Going after your wildest dreams. Doing whatever it is you have to do to get it done -Unknown


Always evolving and progressing - Dub


IG- Codeblack317 Support black Businesses! - Chris


All the answers are a form of the meaning behind A Wave Is Coming. We would love to see what you think of when you hear A Wave Is Coming, please leave a response in the comments below!


  • A wave is coming to me means the end is near. There is about to be a turn around. Your goals and success is near. Your accomplishments are near so don’t give up

    Dada labella
  • Honestly, I can’t swim and I’m scared of water. Whenever I’m faced with adversity, struggle, or everyday stress…to keep myself going, I think about the ocean. The waves and how they may take you down…and to keep you from going down or drowning….you fight that wave! So to me a wave is coming means overcoming your struggle and accepting growth to continue on.

    Ant Wilson

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